Life at Home

If staying at home has you and/or your family bouncing off of the walls (we certainly are), we have some ideas and resources to help you stay busy and hopefully achieve some normality in your days.

Things to do

Some anecdotal, hopefully helpful tips:

  • Establish a routine for each day. These can be as strict as works for you, but having some sort of schedule will help you feel more productive and energized. Try to include a physical activity, something for your mental health, purposeful time away from screens, and an opportunity to check in on friends, loved ones, etc. FaceTime is a great resource.
  • Maintain a healthy diet. You will feel better if your body feels better! We are all definitely enlisting ice cream’s help to get us through this stressful time, but try to fit your essential nutrients in at some point, too.
  • Spend some time outside. If you are able, staying connected with the outside world could help your circadian rhythm and improve your sleeping routine. It becomes hard to separate day and night when one is inside all day, which throws sleep out of whack. Especially if you are having to work from home, this could get detrimental fast.
  • Accomplish something every day. For example, I shoot for making my bed right when I wake up. That way, no matter what, I feel like I have completed a task at some point during my day. This also kickstarts me into being more productive in general.

Tips from TulsaKids